SMEs Financial Services


SME Importer/Exporter

Whether you are an Importer and or/an Exporter we can facilitate your planning and execution of transactions denominated in any foreign currency. Our unique offering will save you time and money – we handle the whole process without ever touching your money by providing the following services:

Exchange Rate Risk Management

Interest Rate Risk Management

Commodity Price Management

Investment Management (Surplus Cash)

Treasury Management System Support

The foreign exchange value chain

We add significant value in the foreign exchange value chain to those companies who do not have the necessity or resources to justify a full time Treasury professional or department, but still need to ensure that their market risks are managed full time. We can also assist in the management of Commodity Price Risk (metals, agri-products, oil, etc) and in the effective investment of surplus cash.

By working side by side with you, we will ensure that your foreign exchange, commodity and / or interest rate risks are appropriately managed and monitored. Timing and information play a vital role in the financial markets and remain important to the ultimate success of a risk management strategy.

We monitor markets full time

Although we do not speculate in the markets on your behalf, we monitor markets full time which will give you the peace of mind that when opportunities present themselves, you will have the ability to benefit and that someone is looking out for you, understands and is aware of your exposures.
We only act according to your mandate and agreed strategy and our involvement will ensure that you benefit by receiving very competitive market related exchange rates as a result of our combined volumes, expertise and information services.

We continuously evaluate your exposure and match it with appropriate strategies and hedging mechanisms to ensure that the risks associated with volatile market rates are managed in accordance with your specific risk profile and needs.

A state-of-the-art Treasury Management System supports the above services and its information is available online for your information and control.

We protect your profits against currency risk