Private Individual Financial Services


Move money in and out of the country easily

Need to move money in and out of the country for investment or cash flow reasons? We can make the process painless, save you time and money…. without touching your money. We can offer the following services:

Foreign Investment Execution

Repatriation of Foreign Salaries

Travel / Discretionary Allowances

Investment Management (Surplus Cash)

We can assist in the conversion and settlement of the following Incoming or Outgoing funds



Travel and Discretionary Allowances

Annual Allowances

We will make it simple for you by helping you through the entire process by navigating you through all the SARB / Banking red tape and processes, and also ensure that you receive a very competitive exchange rate. There’s no need to go into a banking hall and we assist with all regulatory and administrative requirements from SARS, SARB and the Bank will be provided.

Let us save you time and money!