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An experienced and knowledgeable team of treasury specialists whose aim is to thoroughly understand the financial risk within the framework of the client’s business model.

The Management Team

The team has vast experienced in the running of Treasury Departments in both Corporates and Banks. Our extensive exposure to Treasury Management encompasses dealing in Foreign Exchange, Derivatives transactions and Money Markets, as well as managing of Corporate Currency, Interest Rate, Commodity and Liquidity Risks.

Advisory & Client Relations

Mario Moschetta

• Mario graduated with a BCom (Honours) and also obtained the Financial Markets Diploma (SAFFEX).
• He has been involved in the Financial Markets since 1991 and he has gained extensive knowledge and skills in both corporate and banking treasury operations. His hands-on experience in the pricing and management of Foreign Exchange, Capital and Money Market instruments and risks has allowed him to head up Foreign Exchange, Money Market and Bond Desks, both in the corporate and banking environments.
• He has also held risk management advisory positions, which has provided him with extensive know-how in the use of derivative products as risk mitigators across the full spectrum of financial market disciplines

Advisory & Compliance

Carlos Martins

• Carlos is a BCom graduate and holds a Financial Markets Certificate (SAFFEX).
• His Treasury Management skills were gained and honed over his 24 years spent in a large South African corporate, various Treasury Service companies as well as a major South African Bank.
• Areas of expertise include International Funding as well as Currency, Interest Rate and Commodity Risk Management.
• Having had exposure to both the corporate and the banking philosophies of the Financial Markets provides Carlos with the ability to devise risk management strategies which are appropriate to corporate South Africa.


Daniel Mouton

• Daniel is a B.Compt graduate and is a qualified FSB Representative.
• He is “home grown” and his Treasury Management experience spans a period of 3 years spent “on-the-job” where he provides advice and dealing capability to clients.
• His extensive practical knowledge of the administrative requirements behind each transaction stand him in good stead when liaising with both clients and Financial Institutions.
• His areas of expertise include Currency, Interest Rate, Cash / Liquidity and Commodity Risk Management.


Alda van der Veen

• Alda has extensive Banking Back Office experience which she built over 24 years within a major banking group.
• Her experience covers all aspects of Foreign Exchange and Money Markets Settlements and includes excellent knowledge of Exchange Control Regulations.
• Alda is currently responsible for Operations at Change Financial Solutions.

Compliance and Exchange Control

Abigail Schubart

• Abigail has in excess of 25 years’ experience in Exchange Control Regulations and Procedures within the Banking Sector.
• Her vast experience in this field is of great value in ensuring that appropriate Exchange Control Approvals are obtained, and clients remain compliant with the relevant Regulations.

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